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As requested by mc chris, I will not be sharing songs featured on pre-existing albums. If you have something that I haven't heard, hey, I'm always willing to listen, but I will NOT be posting "pre-album" leaks or album tracks now available/soon-to-be available for purchase on this website. Sorry, but that's the way it is.

The aim of this site is not to give you free music... although that is about what I'm doing. The more important goal that I am trying to accomplish is giving a home to these album-less tracks, making them available to those who want to find more music by mc chris. Now, don't come here looking for the singles and hits - I have them, and I'm not posting them. (This includes music from Life's a Bitch and I'm Her Pimp, any edition of Knowing is Half The Hassle or Eating's Not Cheating, Dungeon Master of Ceremonies, mc chris & The Lee Majors - The New York University 8-Track Discography 10th Anniversary Edition, or mc chris is dead). The only exception I will make is if said song was released before the album in a manner that wasn't available on the finished disc.

If you would like to purchase an mc chris CD, please visit his IndieMerchStore page to do so, or visit for all the updates on that junk. If there is a title that you are looking for and it is not available on that site, your best bet is eBay or the marketplace. If you have a song that is not on this list that you believe I should post, please e-mail me at

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Tracks with John Fewell (DJ John/DJ Assgold)
Though they don't work together anymore, check out John's new work documented on his website.

Attention Deficit - Be Together (Feat. mc chris)
Go Robot, It's Your Birthday
Hesh's Wedding Rap (TV Original)
Hesh's Wedding Rap (DVD Extended)
White Kids Love Hip Hop (Featuring Andy Merrill)
Evergreen (Original Version With Misfits Sample)
Evergreen (With Misfits Sample and IGN Intro)
Bad (DD) Runner
Gemberling Theme Song
Blastic (Premix)
Across The Desert
Micro Trash
Party Without Me (Radio Version)
Party Without Me (PureVolume Version)
Peer Gynt (DMOC Version)

all things mc:
Booties For Breakfast
4 Da Shorteez (DVD Clean Rip)
4 Da Shorteez ( Uncensored Version)
I Want Candy (Full Version)
I Want Candy (F-Art Remix)
Number One With The Ladies (Porno2000 Remix)
First Date
Sealab 2021, New Shows (Mono)
Sealab 2021, New Shows (Stereo Reverb)
Come Visit Me, Dawg (TV Rip)
For The Win (MySpace Only Track)
For The Win (Halo Remix)
For The Win (Halo Remix) (One Gabillion Plays Intro)
MC Lars - Roommate From Hell (Featuring mc chris)
MC Lars - Roommate From Hell (Featuring mc chris) (Ice & Fire Remix)
MC Lars - Roommate From Hell (Featuring mc chris) (Drown Radio's Casio & Crunk Remix)
OMC (Ratatat Demo)
Peer Gynt (First Cut)
Peer Gynt (Live)
My Name is Brak (Scratch Vocal Demo)
Prime Cutt (Scratch Vocal Demo)
Sticky's Beatshack (From "Brak Street")
Katamari Demacy (Austin Texas Concert Intro)
Townie (Demo)
My Name Is (Live - Steady as She Goes)
Illy Oi! (Oi Vey Mix)
Variety (Summer Remix)
Insanoflex Rap (Snippet from ATHF:MFFT Menu - According to mc, there's no full version)
Dare To Be Stupid (Weird Al Cover)
Idle Warship (Talib Kweli and Res) Featuring mc chris - Screamin' REMOVED: It is now available on for $.99. The link has been updated.
Secret Song (A/K/A Beetle/Beetlejuice)
m and z (Suggested Song For Zack and Miri Make a Porno)
nrrrd grrrl (MySpace Preleak Version)
Childish Gambino - Tru Dudes (featuring mc chris) (Ripped Version)
i am teh awesome (MySpace Version)
Childish Gambino - The Awesome (featuring mc chris)

Live @ The Tamiami - July 18, 2007 (MySpace Tracks):

Fans Chanting
Beautiful Girl (Sean Kingston Cover)
Fett's Vette


Tony Kopeck Entertainment
The Imperial Senate
The Imperial Senate 2 (Part 1)
The Imperial Senate 2 (Part 2)
The Imperial Senate 2 (Part 3)
The Imperial Senate 2 (Outtake)
Trainyard (Gristlefoot Varient)
mc talking about R. Kelly
The Record Store
Podcast Rebellion 1
Podcast Rebellion 2
Dead mc chris Rebellion Outtake
Kingdom Hearts 2
Woah Oh Contract


WFMU Interview 12/10/04 (Music edited out for time/copyrights by MDT)

mc chris (clean) has been removed for copyright reasons. Should you need any mc chris songs, old or new, edited for any reason, e-mail me at

{MDT} mc chris remixes

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